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Why we're different

We are a team of direct selling professionals that constantly strive for that "aha" moment. That exhilarating moment when we discover an innovative strategy that is right on target for your brand and will accelerate your growth. Everyday our team collaborates with yours on developing innovative strategies to grow your business.

You'll find that we are a group of professionals who truly "get it", and it's no wonder. Many DSS team members have walked in your shoes, having held key positions inside direct selling companies. We know the challenges you face because we've wrestled with them ourselves. We also know the passion you feel for your business – because it is the same passion that drives us each and every day. Our experience and passion places us in a unique position to roll up our sleeves and dig right in, working as your partner in success. 

In today's challenging environment, growth isn't easy. It takes critical analysis  top-notch thinking, extraordinary creativity and detailed attention to what the customer wants. We're a new set of eyes to look at what you're already doing and take it to another level. Read about our team members.

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