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start-up direct selling companies

The excitement, the challenges, the possibilities - we've been there. Many members of the DSS Team were there on day one of a new direct selling company. We understand the many hats that must be worn by those pioneering the company.

If you are a start-up company in the direct selling industry DSS can help you…  

Create a compelling brand ...

  • Articulate your vision and mission.
  • Define your brand - including your core values and unique selling proposition – compellingly presenting it at all customer touch points.

Develop a roadmap for success ...

  • Review or develop your business plan.
  • Develop a strategic marketing plan.
  • Build a budget.
  • Assist in the design and/or sourcing of your products.
  • Design tracking of Key Performance Indicators (KPI's).
  • Determine initial key hires and staff and plan for growth.

Conceive and create the tools necessary for a committed and productive direct selling sales force…

  • Develop a hostess plan and all related marketing collateral.
  • Design and compellingly present your compensation plan in training materials and marketing collateral materials.
  • Determine contents and pricing of Starter Kits
  • Create your Fast Track program

Develop the programs necessary to continuously excite your sales force ...

  • Conceive initial sales force recruiting strategies and create all the collateral marketing materials.
  • Create training (print and web-based) for your new sales reps.
  • Develop website content for -
    - Sales force intranet
    - Sales force personal websites 
    - Corporate website
  • Produce your print and web based communications (newsletters, etc.) for your sales force, and retail customers and hostesses.
  • Create your sales force recognition/awards programs.
    - First 30-60-90 days program
    - Monthly achievements
    - Annual achievements
    - Career advancement
  • Develop incentive trip contests
  • Produce your catalog
    - Layout/ Copywriting/Photography direction/Editorial content
    - Print production
  • Create compelling print and email based promotional campaigns, including all collateral marketing materials, to drive:
    - Recruiting
    - Sales force productivity
    - Sales force retention
  • Develop a Social Marketing Program utilizing all the latest social media tools.
  • Develop exciting and inspired regional meetings.
  •  Create motivational videos to train and excite your sales force while enhancing your connection with them.
  • Produce your convention
    - Core message development
    - Speech writing
    - Scripts
    - Presentations
    - Training
    - Announcements
  • Create leadership training events.

Develop and implement your distribution strategies ...

  • Distribution center design and development
  • Distribution system implementation
  • Distribution Information System selection and implementation.
  • 3PL (third party logistics) evaluation and selection
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