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our systematic approach

While there is no such thing as a "typical" DSS engagement, all our projects follow a systematic approach that provides a comprehensive framework for ensuring success. Our team will:

  • Define the business need. Work with the CEO and management team to define the objective and the desired goal.
  • Break it down. DSS team members break the objective down into distinct parts, assign responsibilities, and brainstorm approaches for developing strategies to address the issues.
  • Understand the business context. We'll interview members of your organization to completely understand all issues and identify data sources.
  • Gather and analyze data. Gather data and refine our understanding of the issues. Begin to formulate proposed strategies.
  • Work with your team. Share early findings and engage in brainstorming and problem solving with client team members to lay the groundwork for the effective implementation of recommendations. We'll communicate regularly with you to build relationships and develop the "partnership" necessary for success.
  • Make recommendations. Develop findings; evaluate possible strategies/solutions and determine recommendations; present results and recommendations to management.
  • Execute as requested. How much we do is completely up to you. We can fully execute the accepted recommendations or we can play a supporting role - assisting your team as needed throughout the execution process.

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