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How we work

We thoroughly enjoy rolling up our sleeves and getting to the heart of the matter.

We define our work as a mix of strategy plus execution. The strategic work we do is built on a solid foundation of analysis. There are no cookie-cutter solutions. Once we've analyzed your business needs and identified the key issues and drivers, then and only then will we make recommendations. Recommendations we are ready and able to help you execute.

DSS works with its clients to establish priorities and goals for each project. Our Systematic Approach is a comprehensive framework for ensuring success. Being ever mindful of the budget and the timetable we develop a detailed action plan that is realistic and achievable. Once approved by the client, we'll assemble the appropriate members from our team to work with yours to execute.

Teamwork is truly at the heart of the DSS approach. As a member of OUR team, you'll be invited to participate in brainstorming sessions, articulate your opinions and challenge our findings. As a part of YOUR team, you'll quickly find that the level of commitment and passion we bring to the table will rival yours.

DSS can work with you to complete a specific project, consult on an hourly or daily basis, or work with you on a monthly retainer. This kind of flexibility allows our clients to combine their strengths with our expertise for a more efficient use of resources and time.

DSS can help. Contact us to learn how.

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