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Explore direct selling

It is an investor's dream: an industry with steady annual growth, healthy cash flow and high return on capital. That's the direct selling industry, in which independent contractors sell products and services directly to customers, away from a fixed retail location. And it's used to distribute just about anything you can imagine; household goods, kitchenware, clothing, personal care products, fashion accessories and more.

If you're exploring the direct selling business model DSS can help you ...

  • Understand the direct selling industry; its history, its nuances and the current outlook.
  • Comprehend the direct selling business model, including sales force productivity statistics, gross margin requirements and the costs of marketing strategies unique to the industry.
  • Assess your offering and potential competition in the industry.
  • Develop a business plan for your direct selling venture.
  • Understand the challenges of building, inspiring and retaining a direct selling sales force.
  • Learn the components of an effective marketing plan for the direct selling industry.
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